About us


We are rooted inn classic tailoring but with the modern man in mind. For KILEE, the most important thing is that we aim for balance and harmony when combining the smallest details to the overall outfit to express the temperament of the man as well as develop personal style, helping to build a collection of clothes that express their own identity.

About Us

Founded in 2014 in Hanoi from our passion for classic style and interest in telling stories of tailor artisans and their products. KILEE is a brand with a philosophy of respecting original designism and personalization concepts that go beyond the conception of a classic gentleman costume, while maintaining superiority in quality and sophistication.

At KILEE - Not only with tailor service but also with ready-made products, you will be understood by true craftsmen, feel the art through diverse fabrics, send in each products with outstanding designs, imprinted with the impression of Asia.




Thang Le

Having worked closely with the apparel industry throughout his career. He knows better than anyone the spirit and value, as well as the origins and processes that most garments are made today.



Our Vision, Mission & Motto Of Operation

With the vision of becoming a global brand with professional services, handcrafted products are created by sophistication and ingenuity. Kilee's mission is to become a truly international men’s haberdasher and the byword for service, craftsmanship and soul in men’s clothing and accessories. Build a wardrobe that truly expresses themselves and create a space to experience a standard fashion style.

We offer tailor-made tailoring experiences with personalized craftsmanship and objective knowledge of aesthetics and style of dress. For KILEE, customer satisfaction is a prerequisite for all success.




Collection of classic men's fashion selected by the KILEE Team. All you need to build your own personal wardrobe... Browse Products

Custom & Made-to-Measure

A modern gentleman will wear suits that are elegant and stylish. At Kilee, we offer that exciting sewing experience and only use imported fabrics with a variety of designs, comfortable to wear... Learn More

Tailoring Uniform

Over 5 years of professional activities, KILEE has constantly affirmed its brand position in the market. Our professional workflow will help you prepare step by step to create standard quality uniforms. We are confident that we can best meet the requirements of tailoring uniforms of customers... Learn More



Special Collection

Our special collection of products is managed and selected by KILEE team, with high applicability for specific occasions and specific purposes...  View Products

Exclusive Collaborations Products

KILEE's fashion campaigns, exclusive collections of products are designed in conjunction with inspirational people in life. These products are highly aesthetic as well as convey the message about the art of dress that we want to send to everyone... View Products



With a desire to not only bring these quality products but also practical knowledge, experience tailoring fashion standards. We always try to create a space to connect customers, friends, brothers and sisters with the same passion and interests to create a community to share and cultivate knowledge of sartorial fashion. lifestyle and lifestyle in general...  Learn More